December 2, 2022

The Beginning of our Vocational Training Program

As we underwent the construction of a new building, we have been anxiously awaiting the start of our entrepreneurship program! So much vision, heart, research, support, and HARD work went into the process of making this dream a reality. But the building is finally done and we can now begin welcoming students to teach various vocational trainings. On November 14th, we started a sewing class with 3 of our ministry’s members who are excited to learn something new to better their futures!

The sewing class has a complete set of sewing machines, tools and equipment, and a few fabrics for practicing. The cost to train each student to learn sewing is GHS 7,000 which is about $500 USD for 3 years. This is to learn almost everything about sewing clothing, equipping them to be qualified for a job with those skills. This cost is for zero/beginners classes to advance level and excludes the students' personal tools and materials they might need for personal practice at home.

The beading cost for a student is GHS 3,600 which is about $300 USD. Being a part of these communities in Ghana and working every day to educate, serve them, and share the message of Christ, we know these vocation trainings are a big need for our young ones to be qualified for jobs, and we know they will be a huge blessing to them! Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a student to complete vocational training; you will help change their life for the better! In addition to our students needing sponsors, our staff needs about $100 USD per month to cover transportation and equipment costs. We believe that every child deserves a prosperous life, therefore we will do all we can to support their needs. This vocational training program may be just the breakthrough they need.

We just want to remind you that any money we receive from the students, community, or donors like you, goes straight back into sustaining our ministry and various ways we can uplift our communities here in Ghana!

Bless you,
Doris Donkor, Founder

Gyamfi Kelvin

I am Gyamfi Kelvin, a native of Berekum-Jamdede and I am 19 years old. I live in Sunyani-New town in the Bono region. I live with my grandparents. I have a sister and two other step siblings. My mother live in Kumasi with my step-father and two step brothers. 

After completing senior high school last year, I began working for D1:8 Ministries as office assistant and a peer-mentor.

Early this year the entrepreneurship training program was introduced and I showed my interest in both sewing and beading. My passion for fashion developed from my mother. Because she is a seamstress, she always made sure we appeared best from our childhood, especially in clothing. I love matching up colors and styling outfits. I always want to appear best in how I look, therefore I choose to learn these skills so as to bring the best look in others. Likewise to train other kids of the ministry and better my life too.

D1:8 is continuously blessing me financially and in my careers/skills! I really want my passion to be a reality both for myself and others. My family doesn’t have the financial stability to support me through these vocational courses, so I ask your help in any way you can to help.

Ampomah Gyan Godfred

My name is Ampomah Gyan Godfred and I am 19 years old. I come from Nsawkaw, but live in Sunyani in the Bono region now. I am the 4th born of 5 children (all brothers) and my parents are farmers. 

I joined Daniel 1:8 Ministries from the start in 2016 and am currently a peer-mentor. Upon hearing the news about the entrepreneurship skills, I decided to be a part of it therefore registered for the sewing class. Even though I have always wanted to be a lawyer to help the poor get justice, I also love to work with my hands, so I’m excited to start learning sewing.

From my research, people that sew clothes live long due to the smile they put on people’s faces. My main aim in life is to put smile on other’s faces and to build their confidence. Also the prestige that comes with clothing fashion (like having your clothing line) inspires me.

I really want to help others especially with clothing and to educate the youngsters about the beauty in fashion and how it can turn their lives and that of others around for the best.

I can’t rely on my family to support me through this vocational course, so that’s why I’m asking for your help! With the training, comes the need to practice and do assignment on my own, which will be a challenge. If you have the means, would you consider coming to my aid in helping me achieve my passion? I’d love to go into fashion, and help others learn these skills as well.

Afari Gyamfi Pius

I am Afari Gyamfi Pius and I’m from Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana, but live in Sunyani in the Bono region. I have 8 siblings, my father is a taxi driver and my mother a food vendor. My parents are divorced and am with my mother. Due to the living condition of my family, am currently living with Daniel 1:8 Ministries’ director. 

Knowing the home that I come from and the condition that we are facing, I asked the Lord’s direction for my life. Early this year the ministry Daniel 1:8, at which am a peer-mentor, announced a skill training and upon hearing the explanation I decided to take part in the training after school. 

I am a person that finds it difficult to express myself verbally, but more easily through art/creativity. Clothing fashion is one area that allows creativity and I choose to be a clothing designer. Taking this training has given me something to be proud of and is teaching me how to stand out from others. 

Even though I have machines to use at the center, when am given an assignment outside the class, I find it difficult to do because I lack the supplies. I am pleading with the ministry and all other helpers to help me obtain the things I need to complete this course and to even use it to start my life after the course.

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