June 19, 2022

Thank you, Fathers! 2022

We want to spend some time on this special day to thank all the fathers and men that have impacted D1:8 and helped make it what it is today! We appreciate the different ways you all have supported this ministry.

Bishop David Donkor: You have been such a great support and blessing to the Ministry and we really appreciate you. You paved the way for what we are doing today and you have been like a grandfather to these young ones. Happy Father's day to you in a special way.

Mr. Stephen Thomas Kaufman: You are one special person and you are worth celebrating on this special day. You have been a rock for D1:8 and we are where we are today because of your special love, commitment and sacrifices. You might not have full knowledge of the extent to which your generosity has reached and the lives it has impacted. On this special day we want to wish you Happy Father's day in a special way.

Dr. Isaac Ishmael Arthur: Since 2017 when we first held our Personality Development Workshop (which is now B.L.A.S.T and I.M.P.A.C.T summits) till date you have been our greatest resource and your wise counsels have shaped the lives of these young ones.In spite of the age gap, you made it so easy for these youngs to relate to you. Happy father’s day to you and you are indeed celebrated.

Christopher Tsikata: You were such a great blessing to D1:8 in the early days because of your selfless contributions… Driving the bus and teaching the class from time to time was such a great blessing. We celebrate you on this special day. Happy Father’s day.

Ernest Gyimah: You are what the soccer world would call “A Utility Player” due to the fact that your contributions affect every area of D1:8. You might be young but the volume of impact you have made in the lives of these young ones is beyond what some of these ones would ever get from their father. Happy father’s day to you

James Aboagye Gyiba: You recently joined the ministry but your contribution to us has been remarkable. Even though they are not your biological children, yet you treat these young ones in the  Ministry as your own and bless them with gifts and affection. For this and many more we say happy father’s day to you. 

Mr. Robert Donkor: Your encouragement and your presence at many of our activities has shown us how much these youngest mean to you. Your advice to these young ones has been heartfelt and we appreciate it very much. As a ministry we say happy father’s day to you. 

Mr. Julius Kwayie: You have always shared your wealth of experience with our Ministry anytime we called you and it started with our first ever workshop at the University of Energy. Thank you for being there and happy father’s day to you.

Mr. Evans Annor: You never say no to us whenever we call on you. Registration of the Ministry and other documentations was your idea and connection and we remember and appreciate that. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our young ones and on this special day we want to wish you happy father’s day. 

Mr. Robert Mensah: You are such an amazing person with a humble spirit and in spite of the loads of work on your hands, you never turn down our request to our program. We appreciate it a lot and say happy father’s day to you on this special day. 

Pastor Paul Jeff Antwi: Since you came to know D1:8, you have always shown interest in us and consistently followed our newsletters. You blessed our first ever BTTB event and we appreciate that. God bless you and happy father’s day to you.

Pastor Andrews Agyemang: You are so easy to relate to and you have been one of the people D 1:8 ministry can fall on at any time. You are always contributing to our programs and also encouraging these young ones. We say thank you and happy father’s day to you. 

Mr. Ebo Mends: You have been one of the wonderful people the ministry has been blessed to have met. You always drive us everywhere we go and never complain even when it affects your work hours. We can never thank you enough for the years and time given us. We appreciate every effort you have put into the ministry and we say God bless you and Happy father's day to you.

Mr. Michael Kofi Antwi: Amidst many other support to give to us as a Ministry, you have topped it up by granting us access to use your home as a meeting place for the Kotokrom chapter. We are very appreciative of you and your family for rooting for D1:8. Happy father’s day in a special way 

Ife Ayomide Akanji: In spite of your hectic academic work, you were so committed to helping out on every aspect for D1:8 works especially outreaches and summits. You even found the time to join us camping. We always remember you for making sure we do not miss any photographs and even when we hired a professional photographer you still went ahead to take your shots. You might be a young man and very far from having children but your show of love is just amazing. Happy father’s day Ife

Mr Ryan Jaros: Thank you Ryan. Even with your focus on Riverside missions, you always remember to ask me about D1:8, and maintain interest and enthusiasm for our ministry. You and Kelly have been a blessing to us. I am hoping that you can come to Ghana and meet the children when we return in a couple of years.

Mr. Rob Neely: You have given so generously to so many projects and most recently helped us with the beds for the camp dormitory (for Summer Camp!) Over and over you have been faithful to D1:8 and we acknowledge you and thank you on this Father’s day.

Mr. Noah Pherson: Thank you for the support that you and Abby have provided our ministry this year and in the past. The vocational center in Sunyani that is being built now is a direct result of your generosity! The two of you have truly been keys to the ministry in Ghana.

Mr. Doug Mann: Doug you started it all from Global Business Assist, took Stephen Kaufman on his first trips to Africa, introduced him to the Donkors, and have been by our side ever since. You and Michelle have truly blessed us with your mission experience, guidance and wisdom.

Mr. Sam Kaufman: You have been so supportive over our first 5 years at D1:8 contributing with Liza on numerous projects. You taught Stephen early on to care for others and to give generously. We thank you specifically and genuinely on this Father’s day.

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