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Dear Sir:

My name is Bernard Osei and I am one of the children to have responded to the early call of D1:8. Initially I wasnt consistent because I wasn't sure what D1:8 had for me but now I don't see mysel missing any meeting day because D1:8 is really affecting my life for the better.

D1:8 has helped me in many many ways and I am so excited and proud to share with friends when I have the opportunity.

D1:8 has helped me to open up and be very friendly. Before joining D1:8 though I was a Christian, I wasn’t very friendly and always kept to myself but ever since I joined the ministry I have become friendly and see the good in others instead of withdrawing from my peers both in school and at church.

Also one of my biggest weakness was anger, I got angry at the slightest provocation and I wasn’t happy about it. This has changed drastically since I joined D1:8 and I am very excited about that.

God bless all those who are keeping the ministry and its activities alive; I am one of the children you have affected for Christ.

My heart desire is to see D1:8 grow bigger and some of us would grow up and come back to become a blessing to the ministry in cash and kind.

Also I want D1:8 to lead us so that every year we can contribute something from the little we have to give charity to the less privileged in our society. Though I don’t have much, I still believe there is someone out there that I am better than and can help.

My name is Bernard and I am committed to holding the membership card!


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Dear Sir:

My name is Sarah Sedo and since I joined D1:8 I have tried never to miss meeting days. D1:8 has really helped me to know the difference between wrong and right. I am committed to telling others about D1:8 because I believe there is a lot for them here.

My greatest heart desire is for D1:8 to one day have its own meeting place for us; I really pray to see that happen soon.

Another heart desire is for more of our outreach activities to be done so we can share our lesson learnt with other children… That would be great!

I am Sarah and I am committed to holding the membership card!


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Dear Sir:

My name is Crespo Siaw Yeboah and I joined D1:8 because I saw it to be the best training grounds for young people. D1:8 trains us the Godly way and helps transform our lives for the better.

Before I was a little stubborn and indisciplined; I would close from school and get later than the scheduled time because I went playing around; but since I became a member of D1:8 I have become disciplined with time. This is because I know I need to get home and get ready every Tuesday for meeting. That as translated into other days that I have no D1:8 meeting to attend. Now I know so much about the Bible and what it says through our nice Bible lessons and this knowledge is helping me grow in the Lord.

My greatest desire is for us to do more outreaches especially in churches to win other children into D1:8 program. I also want the D1:8 ministry to write out clear rules and regulations so members can follow.

My name is Crespo and I am committed to holding the membership card!