We are a children's ministry, providing resources & unconditional love to our neighbors in Ghana

Thanks to our partners, 100% of donations go directly to serving the D1:8 community

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Meet the children where they are at, in their daily lives

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Share our hearts with these children to help them feel understood

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Give the children building blocks to understand their great value and God's infinite love for them

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Continue to walk alongside our children as they grow

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Our Heart Behind Our Work

Every child is confronted daily with a complex set of human examples, both good and bad. They see role models, movies, music and advertising that is pulling them in many directions. Some see abuse, violence, and questionable choices being made around them. Others may often encounter positive influences of charity, self-sacrifice and love. How do they make sense of this? D1:8 seeks to gather these young minds into a safe group, and to give them guidance, attention, encouragement, knowledge and affection – all to help them exercise the right choices as they grow into the young men and women of the future.


Hear From Our Kids & Volunteers

"D1:8 has helped me in many many ways and I am so excited and proud to share with friends when I have the opportunity."
– Bernard, Member
"D1:8 has really helped me to know the difference between wrong and right. I am committed to telling others about D1:8 because I believe there is a lot for them here."
– Sarah, Member
"My personal aspiration as a mentor is to help raise influential men and women who will shine in every corner they find themselves."
– Ernest, Volunteer

Meet Our Founder

Doris Donkor founded D1:8 in April 2017 and incorporated D1:8 in July 2018. She lives and works in the city of Sunyani, the capital of one of Ghana's largest regions. Doris is an enterprenurial-minded woman and a loving mother seeking to provide opportunity and guidance to the young children that live in the Sunyani area.


Where We Work

D1:8 is located in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, West Africa, with its office based in the city of Sunyani. We have meeting zones in Sunyani, specifically Mayfair chapter, Kotokrom chapter, Baakoniaba chapter, South Ridge chapter, Boahen Korkor chapter, and Nsuta chapter.

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