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    And Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not pollute himself...


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    Discipleship graduation
    1st June 2019

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    Better than the Babylonians

    25th May 2019

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    Prov. 21:20 Challenge
    30th April 2019

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    All girls conference
    March 2019

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Meet the children where they are at, in their daily lives.


Share our hearts with these children to help them feel understood.


Give the children building blocks to understand their great value and God's infinite love for them.

Who should I become?

What things will shape the hearts and minds of these children....

Every child is confronted daily with a complex set of human examples, both good and bad. They see role models, movies, music and advertising that is pulling them in many directions. Some see abuse, violence, and questionable choices being made around them. Others may often encouter positive influences of charity, self-sacrifice and love. How do they make sense of this? D1:8 seeks to gather these young minds into a safe group, and to give them guidance, attention, encouragment, knowledge and affection  - all to help them exercise the right choices as they grow into the young men and women of the future. 

How can I join?

How do I need to present myself to be accepted by D1:8?...

Every child is important to God and to D1:8 (Psalm 127:3). Therefore every young person (child) irrespective of colour,race,culture,religion and economic background is very much welcomed to be member of D1:8.

You DO NOT NEED to pay to be part of D1:8 but just to have the readiness of heart to abide by the core values of D1:8 and open your heart for Godly transformation through His son Jesus Christ.

You can call these numbers 233 266 802803 or 233 200 181899...... or send an email to us.