Our Work

Thanks to our founder, volunteers, and supporters, we can be the hands and feet of Christ as we are on the field loving and caring for our children

Who We Are

Daniel 1:8 Ministries (D1:8) is a non-profit Christian organization with the passion to provide provide, love, mentorship, resources, and a safe space for the children in our community. We are a Ghana-based organization, located in Sunyani, the capital city of the African Brong Ahafo Region. Though based in Ghana, our spiritual and physical connection transcend Ghana and we are eternally grateful for our donors and prayer partners both home and abroad. Our faith believes that with the right love, coaching and mentoring, children and young people can make sound choices and build for themselves a better future. Our children and management believe strongly that the fear, knowledge and love of God is the beginning of wisdom hence the resounding response “young but wise” anytime D1:8 is said.

Our Heart Behind Our Work

Every child is confronted daily with a complex set of human examples, both good and bad. They see role models, movies, music and advertising that is pulling them in many directions. Some see abuse, violence, and questionable choices being made around them. Others may often encounter positive influences of charity, self-sacrifice and love. How do they make sense of this? D1:8 seeks to gather these young minds into a safe group, and to give them guidance, attention, encouragement, knowledge and affection – all to help them exercise the right choices as they grow into the young men and women of the future.


Our Programs

Weekly Club Meetings

These club meetings provide the opportunity for our members to engage in Bible studies, social talks, life coaching, academic curricula support, recreation, and more. Students gather weekly at four different locations throughout the region to pray and enjoy fellowship with one another and their mentors.


Our members, especially new ones are taken through 12 weeks of discipleship classes using the Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan Purse) lessons after which they graduate and given Bibles and certificate of honor and participation. As part of this program, participating children are given gift boxes from the Operation Christmas Child project.


This is instilled in our members - the attitude of looking beyond ourselves and reaching out to others, especially young ones, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Members are taken onto the streets and into selected communities to reach out and impact the lives of other young ones - not only with the Gospel but also with donated items like clothing, school supplies, and other gifts given to our ministry by kind donors around the globe.

Workshops & Summits

Our Personality Development has been held since our inception in 2017. Every year our children leave the workshop hungry for the next edition. At our workshops, well vested resource persons give audience appropriate lectures to our students and put them into groups to have peer-to-peer discussions on topical issues.

Vocational Training

We are excited to be opening our Children’s Christian Resource and Training Homes in Nsuta and Sunyani, where young people can be trained in several vocational skills to offer some disadvantaged youngsters an opportunity for a better future. Our focus is on deprived communities, school dropouts, single mothers, and street kids.

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