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Doris Donkor

Doris Donkor founded D1:8 in April 2017 and incorporated D1:8 in July 2018. She lives and works in the city of Sunyani, the capital of one of Ghana's largest regions. Doris is an entrepreneurial-minded woman and a loving mother seeking to provide opportunity and guidance to the young children that live in the Sunyani area. Doris has remarkable talents centered around the planning and organization of educational, vocational and spiritual training for the women and children in her region of Brong-Ahafo, Ghana. She is married to Isaac Ransom Kotei and together they have four wonderful children: two bright, inquisitive boys, and two sweet girls.

Prior to founding D1:8, Doris had spent over 13 years working in leadership positions with African Assistance Plan; a faith-based non-governmental organization in Ghana. Her initial role in operations and administration led to increased responsibility and the establishment of new programs at AAP. In 2006, Doris led the creation and establishment of an innovative Microfinance program that provided seed-funding for small business in and around Sunyani, with a focus on assisting impoverished women.

With Doris' leadership, AAP became the first NGO in Ghana to deploy "Mambu", a Cloud-based micro-finance banking tool that managed the micro-loans and payments from her banking clients. In addition to helping fund these businesses, she also facilitated the organization and development of business seminars and workshops in Sunyani, Ghana for local business people. As this program expanded, Doris developed training materials and personally led training sessions for micro-finance teams in both South Sudan and Nigeria working with International Aid Services - a Global aid organization focusing on the provision of clean water and community development for war torn and poverty stricken regions of Africa.

Doris has been working with children for over twenty years in both educational and spiritual mentoring. She taught at the AAP model school in Nsuta-Techiman, and initiated child learning programs which have now evolved into life transforming school programs for children in and around Sunyani. Mrs. Donkor has a strong passion for “mothering” and mentoring children and young adults and has the dream of creating a youth center where children and adolescents can come and find solutions to life challenges that they struggle with. By supporting D1:8 you are helping Doris to fulfill a life-long ambition to selflessly serve others in her community, and in doing so, you become a part of that community.


Stephen Kaufman

Ever since he met Doris (founder of D1:8) and saw her vibrant passion for ministry, Stephen Kaufman, now operating as D1:8 Ministries’ US Executive Director, knew he wanted to play a part in helping serve communities in Ghana. Stephen met Doris many years ago before the inception of D1:8 and has traveled to D1:8’s center in Sunyani several times, along with all three of his daughters. Residing in Chicagoland with his wife, Lisa, Stephen works as the VP of Business Development & Strategy at Esko and is devotedly a part of his family, church, and community.

“These children are so beautiful. They are so open- so ready to see or hear something hopeful and honest and true and lovely, but they have also seen so much that is ugly, frightening or just evil. If we can offer them a refuge, an alternative, and a hope that God has a bright life for them, we have done much.”

Ernest Gyimah

Ernest is a diligent worker with a heart for ministry and hails from Badu in the Bono region of Ghana. He joined D1:8 because he has a passion for the spiritual and physical welfare of young people and saw this ministry's potential to act as a positive influence in their lives. Through sharing and living out his faith with the members of D1:8 he believes that many have been challenged to improve their spiritual, moral, and academic lives.

"It is my heart's desire to see these young ones rise above the status quo of their society and climb the ladder of success in every endeavor... To see them be influential voices in their communities, nation, and the world at large."

Annette Susana Donkor

Annette is a smart, goal-oriented team player with a big heart for creativity. She is originally from the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana and is a loving mother to her daughter Ella. She joined D1:8 because she loves working with kids and wanted to be a part of the ministry’s aim of getting young people off the streets and empowering them with good and Godly values. She wants to see this ministry continue making a positive impact in individual lives and transforming communities.

"For me, one of my greatest achievements in life will be to see these young ones being successful, leading Godly lifestyles and having a good story to tell other young ones about their lives."

Kelvin Gyamfi

Kelvin is a humble and calm young man yet very active and hard working with the heart for the things of God. He hails from Berekum in Bono - Ahafo Region of Ghana. Kelvin joined D1:8 ministry because he has a passion for teaching, loving, and mentoring his peers. He has been a peer mentor for the past 3 years and currently works in the Ministry as an office assistant.

"I believe the youth of Africa can achieve greater success and make significant impact through what D1:8 is presenting us with: opportunities that align with our potentials and ambitions through sound biblical principles."

Godfred Ampomah Gyan

Godfred is a very active and hardworking young man with the heart for the things of God. He hails from Nsawkaw in the Nono Region of Ghana and the 4th child out of 5 male siblings. Godfred joined D1:8 Ministry right from its inception in 2017 and has been a peer mentor for 3 years.
Godfred loves to teach and see every young person living for the Lord.

"I believe that with courage and trust in God every young person can achieve whatever the Lord has destined for him or her. With the help of D1:8 I now know and believe that there is something in me that is greater than any obstacle."

Hear From Our Kids & Volunteers

"D1:8 has helped me in many many ways and I am so excited and proud to share with friends when I have the opportunity."
– Bernard, Member
"D1:8 has really helped me to know the difference between wrong and right. I am committed to telling others about D1:8 because I believe there is a lot for them here."
– Sarah, Member
"My personal aspiration as a mentor is to help raise influential men and women who will shine in every corner they find themselves."
– Ernest, Volunteer
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