May 3, 2022

An Update On The Asuakwa Outreach

On April 17th, which happened to be Easter Sunday, Daniel 1:8 Ministries organized an outreach/evangelism event at Asuakwa, an area in which we’ve been dreaming of opening up a new chapter for a while now! The aim of this outreach was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, hold discipleship training, and open up a chapter of the ministry in the community.

Gift boxes, gospel tracts, and poster booklets were shared among the young ones in the community. Annette Donkor, D1:8’s regional manager, led the evangelism team to Asuakwa and shared a message. She made the message interactive and have excellent involvement and engagement from the children listening! The children were clearly interested and listening, as they could answer any question thrown at them when quizzed.

After sharing the gospel, an altar call was made and 30 out of the 50 kids accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior. All the children were thrilled to receive our gifts and have our ministry visit. For all the children who were unable to attend that day, we promised them a second visit the following week.

We’re so grateful for how God has been using D1:8 to reach the community in Asuakwa. We’re also extremely thankful for the potential to expand our ministry permanently in this area as we work on oping a new chapter. We ask that you join us in continuing to pray for the young hearts that heard our message and made commitments to Christ that day. We pray they would continue to see His face and feel His love.

We also ask the Lord to grant D1:8 the resources to open a chapter in Asuakwa and bless that community. One of the biggest hurdles to opening a new chapter here is the transportation difficulties. The roads to this area are treacherous, long, and dusty. Another challenge we face is finding an adequate gathering space and chairs. Their first meeting after the first outreach recorded over 60 children, but there were only 15 chairs to sit on. They are currently using building blocks as seats for their classes and, though it is not how it should be, it is heart-warming to see how these young ones were eager to endure these conditions just to study the word of God.

If you feel led, please consider helping this cause by donating to the Asuakwa chapter; the funds will go directly to supplying the children with benches and canopies to shield them from possible rainfall. Thank you so much for your generous heart and prayers!

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