Letter from Nachael to her Angel.


Towards the end of our 3-days personality development workshop three weeks ago, all the children present were asked to write a letter to God through an angel; so the letter was to start with the salutation "Dear Angel"....

Almost all the children presented their letters to me on the last day of the workshop with such excitement; perhaps with high hopes that there is that special angel out there in human body who would read these letters and notes and attempt to do something about their special request.

Upon reception of these letters and notes it took me a day or two before I started opening their letters so I could categorize them according their requests sent to God. I smiled as I read through them... this was not because I took their request for granted but it elated my heart to know how little things like school books, story books, shoes etc can make a child feel special.

Yes there were a few "ambitious" ones in the pile who were asking for phones and laptops for studies :) but majority of these youngsters only wanted simple things that as little as 40 cedis or 10 dollars can buy.

Having said the above, my inspiration for this post is the letter I am about to share with you. Whilst I was going through the pile of letters I picked the letter of this young teenage girl and the letter caught my attention. Reading the content, I immediately had my eyes drenched with tears and I felt in my spirit that this girl was the reason why the Lord led us to organize this seminar and by extension, young ones like her brought D1:8 program into existence.


If you would permit me I would love to share the letter of this young girl with you  just exactly how she wrote it to God...


"Dear Angel,

Its an honour and pleasure that I am writing this. I'm sure you may be guessing about my reason for writing this.

I am writing because I need help. I am sick both physically and spiritually. I may look like an average teenage girl but I am not average.

In the spiritual aspect, I need God to change me. I want Him to make me his forever. I want him to fill me. He should remove the laziness, gossip etc and all these hindrances from my life. I need His grace, His blessings, His mercies all in my life. I need Him.

Physically, I am also sick. Have you ever wondered why one section or part of my head has no hair? Well I was born with it. It had nothing on it till one by one piles started growing from there and now I look like a freak. I don't consider myself a human because no human being has this growing his head. All this happening is because my mother gave birth to me at the age of twenty (20) after graduating secondary school. Save me, Oh! Lord.


I hope you deliver this message to God. I'm counting on a miracle(s) in my life after this seminar.


Yours, Nachael "


How did you feel after reading the letter from this teenage girl?

This is obviously not a love or thanksgiving letter to God but an emotional, heart-warming letter a very troubled teenage girl is sending to God seeking some self worth.

Please spend some time praying for this girl and other teenagers going through difficult times in their lives.

D1:8 exist to offer spiritual, physical and emotional support to young girls and boy like Nachael and your partnership with us can take this program to greater heights. Please without your financial and prayer support we cannot reach many youngsters like Nachael with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our passionate appeal to you to support us financially is so that we can reach as many communities and young people as the Lord grants us strength and time.


God bless you for being obedient to His call.