D1:8 has a number of exciting Programs for the boys and girls that we serve.


  • We hold weekly meetings

  • We do outreach in our community

  • We do summits for Boys and Girls

  • We have fun being around each other, and hoping for better days ahead.


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D1:8 clubs meets on different days and times for our four chapters... check tabs for further information.


In the one and half hour meeting on Tuesdays, the children pray and study Bible lessons. New members are also acknowledged, welcomed and registered. Each class presents a new activity for the evening

What we hope to instill in these children are the 7 core values D1:8 holds on to. These values are:

  1. Trusting in God
  2. Being Prayerful
  3. Avoiding Corruption
  4. Exhibiting Humility
  5. Practicing Thankfulness
  6. Being Principled
  7. Showing Intelligence