Please Pray For Us

  • Please say a word of prayer for our outreach programs and that the Lord would grant us the resources for a rechargeable amplifier. As part of our mission to reach many children for Christ we intend to intensify our outreach programs to bring in more children into our D1:8 ministry. An amplifier and projector amongst other things would help do a lot for and with these children.


  • Pray for little Ajara, a Muslim girl who gave her life to Christ during our gospel presentation and also joined the class. She is excited to be part of us and attends meeting regularly; for some divine reason her parents allow her to come join us even though we are not sure how long this would last. Please pray that the Lord would grow the gospel in her heart so she can draw closer to Jesus.


  • We also request prayer for Mat, another Muslim from  the same community Ajara is from. This 13 year old Muslim boy was invited by his Christian friend to our meeting and immediately wanted to register to be part of us. Initially, I didn’t know that he was a muslim and was shocked a Muslim teenage boy would be allowed by his parents to be there. He was excited to tell me his parents allowed him to be there. We want to pray that the Lord gives him a firm foundation in Him as he accepted Jesus the 3rd time he attended the meeting.


  • Please pray for our leadership, fundraising efforts, and for God's provision of the right volunteers to help make our program successful from His point of view. We have children who come from economically low background and so we cannot count on parents to help us run our activities and program.. The Bureaucracy of getting funding from corporate bodies is tough so we need the Lord to bring us financial helpers so we can do this.



Please thank the Lord with us

  • Please say thank you to the Lord for providing us with a projector to do outreach and also run our activities at D1:8 meetings.


  • Please thank the Lord for granting all our BECE graduates entry into Secondary Schools. Praise the Lord with us!