Proverbs 21:20 Challenge


After a year of waiting to know how much they have been able to raise, the children finally opened up their savings (susu) boxes on the night of 30th April and it was indeed an exciting night not just for them but for the D1:8 team as well.

It was a night filled with mixed emotions as some were in jubilation over what they have been able to raise and others a little disappointed over the feeling of not being able to accomplish much to qualify them for this years investments. This however did not get anyone discouraged but rather fired up for the coming year and ready to push themselves to save more. A parent decided to join as for the opening of the boxes and took the opportunity to praise the ministry for being honest with the children's money and this was because she did a personal recording of her daughter's weekly contribution and was amazed to realize that it was the same amount we quoted when the box was opened.

The Challenge realized a total Ghs1,852.80 with Ghs 663.00 of the money going into investment package for 40 of our children. Half of the remaining balance of Ghs1,189.80 goes into a charitable donation proposed by the chapter of the winner of the Challenge; with the other half put into the ministry as the children's way of showing support and commitment to the ministry.

The kids donation to the Ministry would be used to purchase items needed for the Ministry's home/center at Nsuta and would be labelled as such for future memories of the 2019 challenge.

We pray the Lord touches your heart to support our Ministry and children.